Artistic photographs inspired by the Scottish Highlands

Prints (mounted or framed) and cards available

Residential Photography Courses and Workshops

Develop your creativity through photography. Improve your artistic skills. Learn to see things in a new way.


It is relatively easy to take good landscape photographs among beautiful scenery in fine weather. However, what if the rain is pouring, or the landscape is shrouded in mist and you cannot see anything? Or when the landscape appears bleak and colourless? Or during those long dark winter evenings? What can you do when there appears to be nothing worth taking?


I find much beauty in such conditions by walking around with my camera and "looking". This is not ordinary seeing, but a kind of creative sight which sees beauty in the apparently mundane, and fascinating treasures in the apparently featureless. Come and join with me on a journey of self-discovery that enables you to unfold your inner creativity and experience new ways of seeing things, via the medium of photography. You don't need to have an expensive camera, and the process involved is transferrable to other visual arts so you dont even need a camera at all! What you will be learning is how to develop your eye.


I offer custom-designed tailor-made photography courses and workshops at my bed and breakfast in Sutherland at a very reasonable cost. These are full-board and can be of any length of time that you desire.

Please contact me for further information.

Sarah Broun